About Us

About NevisCompany.com

NevisCompany.com is a website owned and managed by CCP Inc. and promotes Nevis offshore companies, in particular, the Nevis Limited Liability Company (Nevis LLC) and the Nevis Corporation — Nevis IBC. NevisCompany.com is a secure and convenient route through which CCP Inc. can offer Nevis offshore company incorporation with the options of opening an offshore bank account in a tax free environment. Nevis LLC’s and IBC’s can be used for an unlimited range of investment and business activities. CCP Inc. facilitates payments online via bank transfer, Western Union, Money Gram and credit/debit cards (VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX).

About CCP Inc.

CCP Inc. is a Government approved offshore services provider. We have specialised in offshore corporation formation and Dominica economic citizenship program for the last two decades and continue to develop our range of services to meet the growing business demands of our clientele.

Our new services for offshore trusts formation and offshore foundation focus on asset protection and estate management which become vital at some point in life after having achieved a certain degree of financial maturity. CCP Inc. is pleased to offer such a wide yet relevant set of services that are complementary to each other: offshore bank introduction, company incorporation, second citizenship, offshore trust formation and offshore foundation formation.

We incorporate offshore companies in Anguilla, the BVI, Dominica, Nevis, Belize, Panama, Gibraltar, Seychelles and the United States. Offshore foundations can be created in Anguilla, Panama, Belize and Nevis. Our offshore trust formation service is available for Belize and Nevis.

CCP Inc.’s main office is located on the beautiful island of Dominica and works closely with attorneys-at-law and sister companies in Nevis, Anguilla, Belize and Panama.