Nevis Corporation - Nevis IBC

Nevis Corporation – Nevis IBC: Why Incorporate?

  • Cut tax expenses by exemption from tax on income, profits, dividends, interests and capital gains. Nevis offshore companies are 100% tax free.
  • Create an environment conducive to investor privacy. Nevis offshore companies’ laws protect the privacy of investors and the confidentiality of incorporation details is provided under the law.
  • Using an offshore Nevis corporation give wider access to different markets.
  • Through the use of a Nevis IBC, one can legally isolate assets to protect wealth.
  • The Nevis Corporation offers limited liability for its directors/shareholders.
  • The Nevis IBC is a legal personality, and can open bank accounts, can sue and can enter into contracts and agreements.
  • Nevis corporations are not subject to currency exchange controls. This translates into free movement of cash, unhindered receipt and withdrawal of foreign exchange, waivers on foreign exchange fees.
  • A Nevis corporation can be a part of long term business and investment planning, where it can protect investment, and increase profitability.

Nevis Corporation – Nevis IBC: Formation Requirements

These are some of the general Nevis company incorporation requirements:

  • A Registered agent of the Nevis IBC who must be physically based in St. Kitts and Nevis. Our office in Nevis is staffed with lawyers and a team of experienced staff.
  • At least one director and one shareholder; legal entity or natural person; the director and shareholder of Nevis IBC are allowed to be same legal or natural person.
  • Articles of Incorporation for a Nevis IBC must include: name of Nevis Corporation, purpose and objectives of the offshore company, registered agent’s address, statement of formation under the Nevis Business Corporation Ordinance, duration of Nevis Corporation if intended not to be perpetual and the authorized share capital of the Nevis IBC.
  • Articles of Incorporation must have incorporator’s signature, which we then submit to the Registrar for approval and signing.
  • In addition to Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws must be adopted by a Nevis corporation
  • Nevis corporation name must have ‘Company’, ‘Limited’, ‘Corporation’ or ‘Incorporated’ as its ending; Nevis IBC names must first be approved by Registrar for registration.
  • Beneficial owners of Nevis Corporation must be non-residents of Nevis.
  • Certificate of Incorporation must be issued by Registrar to Nevis IBC as legal proof of registration and incorporation.

Nevis Corporation – Nevis IBC: Our Incorporation Services

  • Efficient Nevis corporation registration in one working day.
  • Secure and easy online Nevis company incorporation procedures.
  • Efficient and expert legal support system in Nevis.
  • Shelf-Company available for immediate use; contact us for a list of available Shelf-Companies.
  • Expedited delivery via express mail of Nevis company documents.

Nevis Corporation – Nevis IBC: Meetings and Records

  • No requirement to keep shareholder or directors’ meetings in Nevis.
  • Shareholders or attorneys-in-fact can appoint proxies.
  • Books and accounts can be kept, but do not have to be submitted to Nevis authorities.

Nevis Corporation: Shares

  • Minimum share capital of US$100; no maximum limits set on share capital.
  • For bearer shares, registered agents must keep records of the name of the issuing company, share number, class and number of shares.
  • Shares issued can be of one or more classes, with or without par value, registered or bearer.
  • Names, addresses, quantity and class of shares of every registered shareholder must be recorded on share registers.
  • The number, class and issued date of any bearer share certificates must be recorded.

Nevis Corporation: Privacy and Confidentiality

  • Privacy and confidentiality are protected by the Nevis Confidential Relationship Act.
  • Names and other particulars of beneficial owners of Nevis corporations are not filed at public registry.
  • Nevis corporations are free to appoint nominee members for additional privacy.

Nevis Corporation – Nevis IBC: Maintenance

  • Affordable Nevis IBC renewals fees help ensure that companies remain in good standing.
  • Registration and yearly fees are not calculated based upon share capital of Nevis Corporation.
  • Annual fees and subsequent payment for additional services can be made online or by bank transfer; there is no need to travel to Nevis.

Nevis Corporation – Nevis IBC: Special Conditions

  • Nevis corporations must carry out all investment or commercial activity outside Nevis.
  • Nevis corporation goods and services cannot be offered to the residents of Nevis.
  • Banking, trust, company, management and insurance business can only be conducted with the appropriate licensing and authorization to do so.
  • Nevis IBC interest in and or ownership of real property located in Nevis is not allowed.

Nevis Corporation – Nevis IBC: Summary

Nevis Corporations were introduced in 1984 by the Nevis Business Corporation Ordinance. The concept of the Nevis Corporation is the same as that of the International Business Company which in common terms is called an ‘offshore company’.

Tax exemption for the Nevis Corporation – Nevis IBC covers withholding tax, stamp tax, capital gains, exchange controls, income tax, duties and corporate tax. Under these conditions, Nevis Corporations – Nevis IBC’s make it possible to minimize tax liability and increase profitability.

We help eliminate all privacy concerns by offering a nominee shareholder at no additional cost. Nominees are officers that we at CCP Inc., as registered agent, appoint on behalf of Nevis Corporations – Nevis IBC’s that we incorporate, if requested. The use of nominee directors and members further protects the privacy of a Nevis Corporation – Nevis IBC owner.