Nevis LLC

Nevis LLC: Why Incorporate a Nevis Limited Liability Company?

  • With a Nevis LLC, you can cut tax expenditure by exemption from tax on income, profits, dividends, interests and capital gains.
  • The Nevis LLC is designed with a simple management structure; more flexible management with the absence of a board of directors.
  • You can avoid double taxation on profits and member income because of partnership/corporation framework.
  • Conduct business for a limited duration to serve member(s) interests and objectives.
  • Create an environment conducive to privacy for the offshore company.
  • Access alternative markets using a Nevis corporation.
  • You isolate assets thereby protecting that portion of wealth.
  • Members are offered limited liability that is based on their contributions.
  • The LLC is a legal personality.
  • Zero currency exchange controls translate into free movement of cash, unhindered receipt and withdrawal of foreign exchange.

Nevis LLC: Formation Requirements

  • A registered agent of Nevis LLC that must be physically based in St. Kitts and Nevis. We have an office and lawyers based in Nevis.
  • At least one member is required for Nevis LLC formation; the member can be a legal entity or natural person.
  • Articles of Organization of Nevis LLC must include: name of Nevis LLC, its purpose and objectives, registered agent’s address, statement of formation under the Nevis LLC Ordinance, duration, management structure (member or hired manager).
  • Articles of Organization must have incorporator’s signature, then we submit it to the Registrar for approval and signing.
  • Operating Agreement (if chosen) must be signed by all members of the Nevis LLC.
  • Nevis LLC names must end with ‘Limited Liability Company’, ‘L.C.’, ‘LC’, ‘L.L.C.’, or ‘LLC’.
  • Beneficial owners of Nevis LLC must be non-residents of Nevis.
  • Certificate of Incorporation must be issued by the Registrar to a Nevis LLC as legal proof of registration and incorporation.

Nevis LLC: Incorporation Services

  • We provide fast Nevis LLC registration in one working day.
  • Simple and secure online company formation process.
  • Minimal paper work and registry incorporation procedures.
  • Efficient and expert legal support system.
  • Shelf-Companies available for immediate use; contact CCP Inc. for a list of available Shelf Companies.
  • Expedited delivery via express mail.

Nevis LLC: Meetings and Records

  • No requirement to keep meetings for Nevis LLC.
  • Books and accounts can be maintained but do not have to be submitted to Nevis authorities.

Nevis LLC: Shares

  • Nevis LLC does not issue shares; capital is accumulated through member contributions.
  • Nevis LLC member interest in capital can include cash, services or promissory notes.
  • Members are simply referred to as ‘members. Nevis LLC’s have no shareholders.

Nevis LLC: Privacy and Confidentiality

  • Privacy and confidentiality are protected by the Nevis Confidential Relationship Act.
  • Names and other particulars of beneficial owners of Nevis LLC’s are not filed at public registry.
  • A Nevis LLC is free to appoint nominee members for additional privacy.

Nevis LLC: Maintenance

  • Our affordable Nevis LLC renewal fees help ensure that companies remain in good standing
  • Registration and yearly fees are fixed.
  • Online renewals and ordering - annual fees and subsequent payment for additional services can be made online or by bank transfer; traveling to Nevis is not necessary.

Nevis LLC: Special Conditions

  • Nevis LLC’s must carry out all investment or commercial activity outside Nevis.
  • Nevis LLC goods and services cannot be offered to residents of Nevis.
  • Banking, trust, company, management and insurance business can only be conducted with the appropriate licensing and authorization to do so.
  • Nevis LLC interest in and or ownership of real property located in Nevis is not allowed.

Nevis LLC: Summary

Nevis Limited Liability Companies or Nevis LLC’s were introduced in 1995 by the Nevis Limited Liability Company Ordinance (NLLCO), which was amended in 2002. This Ordinance regulates both Nevis onshore and offshore LLC’s.

Nevis LLC’s enjoy several tax exemptions and as a result are rendered tax exempted. A Nevis LLC pays no tax on income, profits, dividends, royalties, capital gains, duties and gifts. This makes it possible to invest and conduct business in a tax free environment to help maximize earnings.

We help eliminate all privacy concerns by offering a nominee member for the Nevis LLC at low costs. Nominees are representatives that we as the registered agent, appoint on behalf of Nevis LLC’s that we incorporate, if requested. The use of nominee members on the Nevis LLC further protects the privacy of a Nevis LLC during the course of its business.
You may order an offshore bank account for your LLC during the online order process.