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Nevis Corporation – Nevis IBC: Why Incorporate?

Nevis Corporation – Nevis IBC: Formation Requirements

These are some of the general Nevis company incorporation requirements:

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Nevis Corporation – Nevis IBC: Summary

Nevis Corporations were introduced in 1984 by the Nevis Business Corporation Ordinance. The concept of the Nevis Corporation is the same as that of the International Business Company which in common terms is called an ‘offshore company’.

Tax exemption for the Nevis Corporation – Nevis IBC covers withholding tax, stamp tax, capital gains, exchange controls, income tax, duties and corporate tax. Under these conditions, Nevis Corporations – Nevis IBC’s make it possible to minimize tax liability and increase profitability.

We help eliminate all privacy concerns by offering a nominee shareholder at no additional cost. Nominees are officers that we at CCP Inc., as registered agent, appoint on behalf of Nevis Corporations – Nevis IBC’s that we incorporate, if requested. The use of nominee directors and members further protects the privacy of a Nevis Corporation – Nevis IBC owner.